You’ve arrived at the professional website of Jeff Kasper.  Jeff has a wealth of experience that he can offer your organization. If you’re seeking a Wedding Officiant, please click here.

Jeff has proven his ability to successfully motivate and inspire colleagues and look forward to what lies ahead.   His experience in human resources ranges from multi-national Fortune 500® corporations to organizations with as few as three employees.  He has worked with employees and organizations around the globe to create, develop, and implement a positive environment where team members thrive and excel. All while lowering expenses and increasing productivity. 

Jeff has consistently been able to identify future trends before they hit the main stream.  Using this vision, he established two successful businesses since 1995.  His enthusiasm and focus has allowed him to attract some of the best talent to his organizations.

Jeff has worked with his clients to create systems to build customer and employee loyalty at all levels. This has resulted in higher margins for his clients,  happier & more productive work environments, and incredible success.

Jeff is nimble and able to work in different work groups and locations throughout the world.  He enjoys adjusting to different work environments and solving complex problems.  His tenacity has earned him the nickname as the “Pitbull of Problemsolvers”for never letting go of an issue until it’s resolved.

Jeff is available to work world-wide in-person, via Skype or FaceTime, and has proven his ability to work remotely and on-site, embracing cultural and workplace diversity.

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