Above All… A Storyteller

Emmy Award® nominated Jeff Kasper (professionally known as J. Scott Kasper) is the new voice of storytelling. A mature and reverent tone that speaks to a millennial generation. Jeff's extremely versatile voice is a perfect match for technology companies, college campuses, business manifestos, sports, racing and fitness, medical, and film narration. He has a very relaxed natural and authentic tone that could be described as the fun and happy guy next door... but can also shift into a more subtle athletic undertone that speaks to any type of sports manifesto or documentary.

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But Wait, There's More…

Jeff Kasper has literally thousands of hours in the studio, on live radio and television broadcasts. His baritone voice resonates with his audience.

Your Place or His…

Jeff can travel to your studio (depending on availability) or he can record your audio in his state-of-the-art home studio. (All sessions are currently being conducted out of Jeff's studio, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.)

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Hear a Demo…

2023 Commercial Demo Reel


Morton's The Steakhouse


Public Safety Events

Charmin Bath Tissue

What Clients Say…

"J. Scott Kasper is great and versatile! Super quick turn around on notes, great clean recording" - Alexander Hill

"Jeff was incredible. Very professional, took direction very well and delivered the audio files well before the deadline (even over a holiday weekend). Would absolutely recommend Jeff to anyone." - There They Go Creative

"Jeff had a great voice and worked really well with a quick timeline. He provided multiple reads of the script so we were able to work with everything on the first upload. Hope to work with him in the future!" - Knowledge Launch

"Good service. His sincere voice was just what I was looking for." - Bolgert Mediation

View example rates here.

Request a quote for your project here.

View example rates here.

Request a quote for your project here.

How Much Does It Cost?

Jeff's rates are determined on two factors:

  • How Many Words Are In Your Script
  • Where Will The Audio Be Used?

Recording is either licensed for a period or unlimited usage:

  • TV, Radio and Internet Commercials have a 12-month license from date of recording.
  • All other rates are buyout in perpetuity (unlimited usage)

Call Jeff at +1 (925) 459-6786 for an instant quote, or contact him here.


  • E-Learning / Educational / Medical / Training / Gaming
  • Non-Broadcast / Corporate Internal / Cinema / Apps / Independent Films
  • On Hold / Phone Messages / Voicemail / IVR
  • Podcasts - Opener and Closer
  • Audiobooks (Defined as More Than 3 Hours)
  • Live Event Announcer


  • TV & Radio Commercials
  • Internet / Online Commercials - Paid To Be Promoted (Spotify, Hulu, Pandora, etc.)
  • Basic Internet Use / Explainer & Whiteboard Videos / Non-Promoted Online Content
  • Radio / TV - Imaging and Promos
  • DRTV / Long Form TV Radio + TV Broadcast Documentary (Buyout)
Voice Style:
Mature Narrator Announcer Storyteller Mimicker Guy Next Door Spokesperson Everyman Conversational Professional Friendly Witty Believable Confident Authentic Alpha Male Edgy Authoritative Commanding Tough Upbeat Warm Corporate Articulate Inspirational Energetic Educational Healthcare Natural Casual Animated Enthusiastic Genuine Deep Modern Knowledgeable Informative Reverent Attractive Calm Caring Sincere Trustworthy Laid Back Strong Rugged Excited Happy Intellectual Aggressive Calming Serious Motivational Comforting Sophisticated Classy High Energy Movie Trailer Sports Sporty Bold Dynamic Smooth Mature Attitude Executive Playful Thoughtful Thought Provoking Blue Collar Manly Masculine Concerned Youthful Reassuring Proud Engaging Characters Sarcastic Booming Funny Amusing Straightforward Bubbly Soothing Technical Uplifting Attentive Professorial Slow Paced Angry Brave Cartoon Endearing Aloof Athletic Easygoing Soft spoken Gritty Raspy Hip Humorous Persuasive Scientific Sultry Sweet Mysterious

English (North American), English
The need for copywriter's words to be brought to life is realized by the voice-over artist and radio producer, Jeff Kasper.

Through his voice, he can infuse a certain tone and mood into the copy writer's work by acting out their words. He delivers scripts in a way that engages the listener in a way that grabs them from the first sentence they hear him speak.

Voice-over artists are becoming more prolific as time goes on, and not just for advertisement campaigns but also for podcasts and audio books. They bring meaning to copywriters’ work in an emotional sense as well as a literal one.
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