Your "COO/CMO/CTO to Go"

Jeff is comfortable working with start-ups and Fortune 100® organizations — very limited assignments to long-term placements alike.

No "one-trick pony" he has a proven track record of accomplishing his objectives successfully. Some have called him a "pit bull" for his tenacity and ability to keep focus amidst chaos.

Jeff's experience is well rounded, including the financial, governmental, manufacturing, service, and technology sectors to name a few.

He's known for his hands-on approach to management. His first step is to understand all existing positions within the organization. Next, is to talk with as many team members as possible to elicit suggestions and find out what's really broken or needs to be improved.

Concurrently, he'll be working with the appropriate managers and stakeholders to clearly define metrics, performance, and financials. Then incorporating the feedback he's received, he'll propose a specific and detailed plan of action. More importantly, he'll document each step of the way to make sure everyone on the team is in the loop.

By making sure all processes are documented, the business process is clearly defined moving forward.

View Jeff's Curriculum Vitae here…

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